Applying for NHS continuing healthcare funding can be a stressful time for patients and families as they attempt to navigate numerous complex processes. Apex Health Associates is a company owned and run by a team of senior nurses, whose expertise and support can help you through an application for funding to care for loved ones.

Our nursing experts

Our team of senior nurses share many years' experience of assessing patients for funding. From assisting initial applications to sitting on funding appeals panels, they know the NHS decision-making processes well.

If you would like us to assist you, we will allocate you to a dedicated nurse who take charge of your case.

Apex Health Associates can assess your family members needs to help you both make the right decision about the type of care they need. NHS continuing healthcare funding is available for people with "complex needs and what is termed a primary health need" and offers a complete package of ongoing care in any setting.

Catherine Humphries

Catherine Humphries

Senior Nurse Expert

"We have a dedicated team of Continuing Health Care (CHC) nursing experts, who are able to accept instructions from professional/legal clients acting for members of the public."

As a team of nurses we understand that it can seem difficult to negotiate the system and that NHS Continuing Healthcare is complex.

The assessment process can be lengthy and can appear daunting. As nurses we understand that this process has to be negotiated at what is a difficult and stressful time. Understandably, many people do not feel that they have the time nor the energy to devote to the process. As a team of nurses who have undertaken these assessments and made recommendations as to eligibility we can assist you with negotiating through this process.